The Balearic Beachwear range has been designed to inspire confidence and glamour in all those wearing our bikinis, whilst also offering comfort through our bespoke fitting.

We wanted to design bikinis which flatter and fit to perfection, and understand that very few ladies are the same size at the top as on the bottom, therefore it was very important for us to offer our clients the ability to mix and match sizes to get that impeccable fit.

Our colours and designs have been influenced by living and working on The French Riviera, and spending a lot of time on the Balearic Islands. This has provided a fantastic understanding of what really works in the sunshine and what people are looking for to make themselves feel fabulous and stand out in a crowd.

We’ve all been in a place where we have noticed someone wearing that beautiful beach dress but never been able to find anything quite like it for ourselves. This is the type of range we have designed and the whole ethos behind Balearic Beach. I used to be so concerned with packing my lovely evening wear for a holiday and not really putting much thought into my day time wear but then I thought, why not make more effort when you are lying on the beach and enjoying lovely lunches. This motivation was central in our boutique, exclusive clothing line which will make you feel gorgeous and chic!

We also wanted to design beautiful beach dresses that are flattering but can also take you through the transition from day into night, from the beach to the boutiques. We are absolutely sure with our range you will feel glamorous and confident whether you are sat in a beach restaurant with your toes in the sand or a sophisticated restaurant listening to chilled out music.

We really want you to enjoy wearing our range and hope it gives everyone of you that confident swagger we all love when you put it on.