Quality counts

Beachwear is either functional or a fashion accessory, it is rare to find a combination of the two. In addition, the range of prices can leave you scratching your head wondering what the difference really is. There is an interesting article in The Guardian about how good quality clothes matter and this applies just as much to everyday clothing as it does beachwear.

Where luxury swimwear is concerned you have three elements: design, colour and quality. Where colour and design are concerned, those are fairly straightforward elements, the design relating more to the cat of the swimming costume or bikini than any particular pattern on the material used. These two elements are heavily influenced by personal taste as you are most likely to buy your swimwear based on its appearance.

When it comes to quality, there is no substitute. When buying “luxury swimwear” online, the word luxury can be open to many interpretations. It is hopefully not too disrespectful to suggest that luxury swimwear for sale on eBay for £15.00 might be taking a few liberties with the use of the word luxury. If we are a little sensitive over this matter, it is because at Balearic Beach we are 100% committed to providing luxury swimwear of the very highest quality. This quality extends not just to the quality of material used but through the particular attention paid to the quality of the stitching.

With designs and colours heavily influenced by both the French Riviera and the Balearic Islands, our luxury swimwear looks stunning not just when dry, but also when wet. Perhaps the biggest difference between average and luxury swimwear is how you look when you step out of the water. Buy your swimwear from Balearic Beach and you can be guaranteed you will look fantastic going into the water and coming out.

Make sure you check out our full range and please also note that you can choose the size of your bikini top and bikini bottom independently as we know that not everybody is built the same way.